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2 Aug, 2001 Thr

I met Eun-hyoung, Young-jae, and Jung-ok in Pyoung-chon. Becuause I had not visited Eun-hyoung's house entering party, I had promised to buy a dinner. I kept my words. Eun-hyoung was fatter than she had been a solo. She said she is running aroung Pyoung-chon every evening to be thin. ;; After dinner we went Si-hwa and it had nothing to do with my will. There we met Pung-youn and they wanted So-re-po-u. I didn't want. I just wanted to go home by 12 o'clock. So they went there and I came back home by subway.

3 Aug, 2001 Fri

Went An-yang to change orange-color shirts to blue-color. I would be shame if I wear orange. And I bought a bag. I called for my black bag's repairing and it would take 15 days. So I needed a bag to use during those days. About at 3:00 I met Dogeru and playing Starcraft. I won the score 3:1. Then Dogeru went Shin-rim to meet new girl. I had nothing to do but coming home. At 7:00 PM, I went to San-bon to meet Chan and Eun-jung. We ate hot sauced chicken bone. It was very nice. After dinner went to Guem-jung to play Starcraft again. Chan and I fought against Dogeru and Yong. We won the score 3:0. ;) HA!! Tommorrow we will leave to An-myoun-do. I wish to have nice days. :)

4 Aug, 2001 Sat


  • "I LEAVE!!!!!!" B)

5 Aug, 2001 Sun

We went beach, heard the sound of sea. This was my first that went with Hea-jin but I was not fun. It's true. All we walked along the shore in the evening. Each of us thought something. I thought about the wish I had wished 7 years before and myself in these days. I thought I walked same way. I made up my mind. I woke up about 8:30 and made breakfast. I went down B1 store to buy raw materials of 'Buk-o' soup because we drank over last night. I made soup and 'Bu-chim-gea'(Korean pizza?). They were so delicious more than I expected. Tommorrow I have to go my company. I will work and study harder in new mind.

2 Sep, 2001 Sun

I went to "Jung-ang Park" in Pyoung-chon with Chan, Eun-jung, and Dogeru. Now a days I want to take comfortable rest. There blew fresh wind and are many families looked happy. We had good rest. Next week, I may go to 'Sok-cho' with them.

  • Sok-cho? really? how? Do I included? --yong27

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